Provision for children between 8 & 11 years old

It is important that children get to know other children and young people within the church, those in different year groups and from different schools. This helps them to grasp the wide variety that there is in God’s big family. A church is one of the few places in our community where children can not only meet children who are outside their circle but also adults from a variety of different backgrounds and walks of life. The team of leaders are trained and supervised and we place a high value on safeguarding our children.

On a Sunday

Open Door

Children and young people of all ages are part of the Open Door service which begins at 10.00am in the historic church and enables everyone to worship God together, by singing, praying, hearing from the Bible and experiencing what it means to be part of God’s big family.

The Grid logoThe Grid

Young people aged 8 to 11 years old (Years 4, 5 & 6) join The Grid halfway through the Open Door service, around 10.30am. This is in the St Paul's Centre. Here they worship and talk with God, read the Bible, chat and chill out – and grow in their love for God.

Once a month they go to a local café after the first part of the service. Drinks on offer include smoothies and hot chocolate which enliven the Bible discussion. This is very popular!

The group uses Scripture Union's Light teaching material.

The team of leaders are trained and supervised. For more details contact – or 020 8349 3792.

Not on Sunday

Holiday Club

Children in Years 4 and 5 can be part of the holiday club programme. They are encouraged to invite their friends to this.  Children in Year 6 are welcome to come to the holiday club as helpers. For more details contact – or 020 8349 3792.

Other events

Occasional events are arranged for young people in this age group, such the annual Pancake party, BBQs, bowling and sleepovers. The young people are encouraged to invite their friend to these events.

=Scripture Union Holidays

We encourage parents & carers to send their children on Scripture Union Holidays.