Connect Groups

Why do we have Connect Groups?

Our Sunday Services are great and we love them, but to develop our faith we often need more than a Sunday service. A Connect Group offers a chance to build our faith. As we continue to grow on a Sunday it is harder to get to know people and Connect groups are a great way to get to know others.

What is a Connect Group?

A Connect Group is formed when members of our church get together during the week. We have a number of such groups, meeting weekly or fortnightly, during the day or in the evening, in different people’s homes or in the church centre.

What happens in a Connect Group?

There will be time to chat and have coffee, discussion within the group will centre around a subject the group want to look at, perhaps a book from the Bible, a DVD or perhaps the sermon from Sunday, anything that helps us to develop our faith. Often the group will end with prayer.

Why should I join a Connect Group?

Many of us have found that as much as we enjoy Sunday Services, it isn’t quite enough. Perhaps we have questions about the Christian Faith and we want to get to know others better than is possible on a Sunday.

How do I join a Connect Group?

You can contact the church office and they will contact the leader for you who will call and invite you along.




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