Sunday @ 10am - Open Door

Welcome to Open Door

Open Door is our act of weekly worship at which everyone is welcome, from newborn babies to grandparents. You don't have to bring a family with you - come and join ours. If you join us, you will experience:

1. a style that is relatively informal and intentionally accessible to people who are not used to church.

2. something that is designed to be as child and young family-friendly as possible. There are groups for children and young people aged rising 3 and upwards in which children and young people enjoy teaching and activities relevant to their ages. There is also a space in the church worship area set aside for the under 3s, their parents and carers.

3. worship that is based on the Church of England’s ‘Service of the Word’. In essence this provides a framework (i.e. a Greeting, an Act of Confession, Bible Reading(s), Talk, Statement of Belief, Prayers, the Lord’s Prayer, Blessing interspersed with some hymns and worship songs) but with considerable flexibility as to texts.

4. an opportunity to listen to people sharing stories of how God has been at work in their lives.

5. the chance to receive bread and wine (Holy Communion) twice a month (one of which includes children who enjoy eating bread and grapes at banqueting tables).

6. all age worship, when children are in for the whole service, occasionally (about six times a year)

7. the opportunity to enjoy refreshments in the St Paul's Centre hall at the end of the service.

January 2018 Worship services

7th Jan






Open Door for Epiphany with children's & young people's groups

and All Age Holy Communion


14th Jan




Open Door worship service with children's & young people's groups


21st Jan






Open Door worship service with children's & young people's groups

and Holy Communion for adults


28th Jan


Open Door worship service with children's/young people's groups