St Luke’s World War One Memorial

Within St Paul’s there are two World War 1 memorials – one that was installed in St Paul’s in 1920, commemorating 93 residents of Finchley, some of whom were church members, and one that was originally installed in St Luke’s Finchley in Mountfield Road, commemorating 64 people, which was placed in St Paul’s in 1985 when St Luke’s closed. Interestingly, Edward Small and Donald Stevens are listed on both memorials.

The St Luke's Roll of Honour was dedicated by the Bishop of Willesden at a special service held in the Church on Saturday 23rd July 1921. Parishioners and church members donated £410 for the cost of this tablet and erecting a reredos in the church, containing the Ten Commandments, the Lord's Prayer and the Apostles' Creed, which was placed behind the communion table.

St Luke’s Finchley Roll of Honour

Memorial Panel

The names on the role, are follows:

Abrathat, William Chapman, Laurence Hawes, James Ridley, Alfred
Allen, Clarence Chellingsworth, Edwin Hoare, Arthur Roberts, Benjamin
Archer, Thomas Close, Max Hudson, Leslie Small, Edward
Arnell, Charles Cook, Ernest Johnson, Samuel Sneath, Wilfred
Ash, William Copeland, Gerald Kempe, Charles Sothcott, Stanley
Bartlett, Harry Down, John King, Edmund Starkey, Leslie
Beale, Edward Dunn, Frank Lambert, Maurice Stevens, Donald
Blight, Gilbert Eastman, William Lawford, Wilfred Streat, Ralph
Booth, Arthur Edkins, Charles Lindsay, Albert Swinburne, Thomas
Booth, William Faraday, Roy Mann, George Syrett, Harold
Brookes, Edgar Fink, Lawrence Mendell, Ben Taylor, William
Bullimore, George Fowles, John Muir, Horace Thomson, Robert
Burke, Edward Frecker, Harold Oulet, Jesse Tosh, Harry
Buszard, Stanley Halsey, Henry Parsons, George Waghorn, Charles
Carter, Alfred Hart, Ernest Pike, Clifford Wiggins, Percy
Chambers, Philip Harvey, Charles Purcell, Charles  


These are those remembered on the St Luke’s War Memorial. We are adding details of each person as we can. If you have any information you think appropriate, please let us know.  Any information is presented here in good faith - if you think there are any errors, please contact the Church Office.