St Paul’s World War One Memorial

Within St Paul’s there are two World War 1 memorials – one that was installed in St Paul’s in 1920, commemorating 93 residents of Finchley, some of whom were church members, and one that was originally installed in St Luke’s Finchley in Mountfield Road, commemorating 64 people, which was placed in St Paul’s in 1985 when St Luke’s closed. Interestingly, Edward Small and Donald Stevens are listed on both memorials.

St Paul’s Roll of Honour

St Paul's Memorial stone

The names on the role, are follows:


Adams, Leslie Crane, Lucius Lake, Sidney Smith, Frank
Andrews, John Cripps, Charles Larbey, Charles Smith, Frederick
Annis, Albert Dann, William Lawrence, William Smith, Herbert
Bacon, Charles Disbrey, Thomas Legg, Sydney Spong, Robert
Baggs, Henry Edwards, Robert Lovegrove, Arthur Spooner, Henry
Barker, Thomas Firth, Charles Macintosh, William Steele, James
Batchelor, Daniel Fox, Hector Mansford, Leonard Stevens, Donald
Beningfield, John Froome, Sidney Manson, Magnus Stiles, Cyril
Beningfield, Maurice Gill, Frank Millar, John Stiles, Percy
Blareau, Joseph Goodyear, Frederick Mills, Cecil Tabernacle, Harold
Bowman, Charles Goodyear, Frederick George Mosley, George Tayler, Richard
Brinn, Felix Gray, Leonard Mutter, George Taylor, Thomas
Broad, Arnold Grimsdell, Gerald Naylor, James Thurlby, Horace
Brooks, Ernest Grimsdell, Reginald Newman, Cyril Tout, Arthur
Brooks, Howard Guest, John Nunn, Ernest Truman, Guy
Broom, William Hadland, Frank Pattison, Walter Vardy, Albert
Brown, Angus Hammond, Ernest Philbey, Arthur Viney, William
Carne, Maxwell Harben, Kenneth Rich, William Wallis, Alleyne
Chalkley, Denis Holden, Harry Roberts, W West, Frederick
Churchman, Aylmer Irons, George Rogers, Frank Wilkinson, Alexander
Clark, Reginald James, Albert Sharpe, James Woodley, Edward
Cooper, F Kavanagh, Alexander Small, Edward Woodward, Ernest
Cope, Walter Kingham, Leslie Smart, George Wrong, Colin
Cornish, George Laing, C    


These are those remembered on the St Paul’s War Memorial. We are adding details of each person as we can. If you have any information you think appropriate, please let us know.  Any information is presented here in good faith - if you think there are any errors, please contact the Church Office.