Our Vision

‘Vision’ answers the question, ‘where are we called to go?’. Vision looks to a destination and focuses on the future. While the church’s purpose is enduring and doesn’t change, vision changes every few years as the circumstances of the church changes and as the vision is realized.

Our current vision is expressed in the following statement:

becoming a vibrant and diverse community that is rooted in Jesus, growing together and overflowing with God’s love

together with the following paragraph which underpins and amplifies the vision.

  • hospitality, welcome, and belonging
  • everyone actively participating and contributing
  • identifying gifts and providing opportunities to develop and use them
  • team-working
  • sharing God’s love with the local community
  • encouraging, supporting and learning from the worldwide church

We are currently engaged in a Mission Action Planning process which will lead to a new vision with a fresh set of priorities and plans. The Mission Action Plan will:

1. Set out God's vision for the church's future to at least 2020 - to act as a magnet (drawing people together around an agreed vision) and a compass (pointing the direction of travel);

2. Set out what steps are needed to achieve the vision, who will be responsible, and what resources need to be identified or redirected to achieve the vision; and

3. Draw on the vision of the Diocese of London, as set out in Capital Vision 2020 and church growth research findings so that we benefit from the insights of the wider Church.