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Worship is a core characteristic of Christians – whether they are gathered together as a single community or scattered as individuals going about their daily lives. Here at St Paul’s we understand worship to be something we are engaged in 24/7. However, we recognise the importance and value of sharing in Christian worship which acknowledges God's worth in corporate acts of praise as well as in daily life.

For the past few years we have we have implemented some changes. These have involved us in:

These changes have been made for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. a clear sense among the church’s leadership that this is God’s way forward.
  2. a strong feeling, that building community should be a key emphasis in the next phase of the life of St Paul’s and that this move will assist in achieving that.
  3. the benefit to both existing members and newcomers of being part of a congregation that is made up of a greater spread of ages and social contexts.
  4. the fact that this will release resources to plant another congregation with a clear focus on reaching people who are not currently engaging with the Christian faith. 
  5. an awareness that churches can no longer, if they ever could, put all their eggs in the Sunday morning basket because of the increasing number of people for whom this time is not convenient for gathered worship – e.g. teenagers and young people (who lie in!), those who do sport or shopping on Sunday mornings, those whose employment means that they work on Sunday mornings.

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