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At St Paul’s Finchley, we believe staying connected to God and one another is an essential part of the Christian lifestyle. Developing our faith often requires more than a Sunday service and being part of a Connect Group helps us accomplish this.

What’s a Connect Group?

A Connect Group offers a chance to build our faith. As we continue to grow on a Sunday it is harder to get to know people and Connect groups are a great way to get to know others.

Why join?

Many of us have found that as much as we enjoy Sunday Services, it isn’t quite enough. Perhaps we have questions about the Christian Faith and we want to get to know others better than is possible on a Sunday.

Connect Groups

A Connect Group is formed when smaller groups of members of our church get together during the week. At St Paul’s Finchley, we have a number of such groups, meeting weekly or fortnightly, during the day or in the evening, in different people’s homes, in the church centre and online.

A Chat, A Coffee, A Discussion & A Prayer

A typical Connect Group includes time to chat and have a coffee, a discussion centred around a faith building subject the group wants to look at. Often Connect Group gatherings end with prayer.

“Being in a Connect Group has helped me explore and understand the bible- how and why it was written- and deepen my faith in Jesus Christ.

During COVID, it’s kept me in touch with people whom I trust and have prayed for (ex. the situations that we know about caused by the virus.) We all bring our own- or other peoples’- needs to the meeting for prayer. I’ve felt very uplifted by the support of those prayers.

Joining a Connect Group is a wonderful way to find fellowship with others in exploring the bible and what it means to be a Christian. Some of my favourite things about being in a Connect Group are: the ability to ask questions about life and faith, find out others’ understandings and difficulties, and the fellowship we all grow in Christ Jesus.

In my group, I’ve learned the power of prayer – ‘Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name….’ (Matthew 18:20) I definitely feel God is closer and I feel supported in my own Christian journey.

To anyone considering joining a Connect Group, I would say, “Try it.” While each individual persons’ experience will depend on what they wanted or expected…. most connect groups are more about supporting each other in prayer through Christ Jesus.”

– Alison

I was fortunate to join Mavis connect group from the beginning when it was set up, so we were all newcomers to the group some years ago. It seems a lifetime ago and forever but not as long as my last job or my marriage! Some have left, others have joined but with God at the centre we have supported each other’s life journeys be it redundancy, employment changes, health issues, relationships or bereavements. With the steady constance of Mavis at the helm and God in our midst we have all weathered all storms, the latter being Covid and the imperative to remain connected albeit virtually during these harsh uncertain times. The fortnightly meetups gives hope when one feels low, renewed spirit and encouragement, a sense of purpose, a time of reflection and rejoicing and also fun.

– N.C.


We are committed to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults within our church community. We take this issue extremely seriously and continue to seek to enhance our procedures through our commitment to the London Diocesan Safeguarding Guidelines. Our safeguarding policy and practice is based on the policy and guidance issued by the Church of England.

Our Safeguarding Officer is Maggie Barnes, who works closely with our Vicar, the Revd Nicholas Pye, and the London Diocesan Safeguarding Team.