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“When I take the risk of giving generously, I discover that I really can trust God to take care of me – but I have to get my feet wet first.”


John Ortberg, Pastor & Author

Menlo Park Presbyterian Church


Why give?

The bible tells us giving is to:

  • honour God
  • express gratitude to God
  • perform an act of worship
  • be a blessing
  • receive a blessing
  • mark our commitment to our local church  

Give, Grow & Overflow

Learning to see the benefit of giving to our church is an integral part of Christian living and growth. As does understanding that giving includes our money as well as our time and talents.

Making regular financial contributions to the work of the local church is a matter of heart. In addition of being our response to God’s generosity, it’s our practical way of standing shoulder to shoulder with one another by outwardly demonstrating our commitment and support to the work of God in our community and beyond.

How to give?

Standing Order is the best way to give financially to the ministry of St Paul’s Finchley.

To set up an automatic payment use:

  • Sort Code | 30-93-80
  • Account Number |01866006
  • Reference | Your Surname & Initials

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is best for making financial gifts stretch further. For every £10 an additional £2.50 is added to each Gift Aided donation at no additional cost to yourself. 

How it adds up:

  • You Give £40
  • Gift Aid Adds £2.50 x 4 = £10
  • St Paul’s Receives £50




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